Friday, January 28, 2005


In an article in the NY Times, entitled, Iraqi War Veterans Turn Critics, one of the vets mentioned in the story is Robert Acosta who has joined an outfit called, Operation Truth. In Baghdad, a grednade was tossed into Acosta's humvee shattering his legs plus he lost his right hand. Once back in the states and viewing the carnage from afar, while recuperating and watching and reading, his doubts over the war surfaced. He is already facing the difficulties of dealing with the VA. I hate to tell him but it's going to get worse. At one point he had to duct tape his prosthesis. Awful!

Sometimes, when people asked about his war injury and he tells them it happened in the war. More likely than not, they say "What war?" Such a comment is but one example of how little most Americans even know about the sacrifices of our brave young men and women. They don't know because they are are not involved and have no investment. We have no draft, they have no obligation. Their lives have not changed! WHAT WAR INDEED?

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