Thursday, November 25, 2010

The GED (General Education Diploma). What a amazing effect, for good, giving people a "second chance" after screwing up, i. e., foregoing a high school diploma. And, the military, has, over the last several years, based on their needs, aided many would be soldiers. (with rare exceptions, a recruit must have a high school diploma or the GED to get into the military). Reading the profiles of those passing the GED and then enlisting was pretty inspiring.
GED, got the third chance of the military.

A good program. Now, it is going "bye bye."
And, as we know, the decision makers (bureaucracy) of the Army could screw up a two car funeral possession. The GED has always been a good program and now, with plenty of bodies, obviously they can get rid of the help provided to potential GIs. But, as often happens, stories like this open up other questions, i.e. Who is fighting America's wars? Without disparaging the fine young soldier, is it the poor? And, to me that is the greater question, not to mention the morality of it. All of those profiled had no prospects and the military offered them a shot. More power to these youngsters but shame on us for expecting them to live or die for us.

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