Monday, October 28, 2013


Watching the World Series this week, the games have honored American service men and women. Pretty inspiring to hear, God Bless America. My initial thought: the military is something upon which all can agree. Pride. However, the military will do what we always do after wars: fire soldiers. 

TIME Magazine recently had a piece about the resistance of the Army to change. Still , according to the article, after these two prolonged (useless) wars, the Army has no "after war" strategy. The Army, in particular, is still prepared for the "Cold War" and not terrorism or whatever we face in the future. 

I don't doubt any of it. Too many generals/officers at every level. Not enough emphasis on Special Ops. What this article dealt with was philosophy. Every swinging "Richard" has an opinion. The military is about to do what we always do. CUT. And, it is going to be brutal and in the long run, who suffers are the troops. We will throw lots of good soldiers out, many who have shed their life's blood in two sorry wars. Not their fault. They are soldiers, have done their jobs. Makes no difference, they are "out of here." And, I don't see anybody at the top levels willing to take on doing this "drawdown" with some common sense. The top brass of the Army can't do it. The vast majority of bureaucrats have no military experience and if these two sorry wars have taught us anything: Can't trust the rosy reports of the leaders. We have to have some "big" thinkers and I don't know where we can find them. F..k.