Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ex Prez Bill--Can't Say Sorry

Bill Clinton's assertion in his review  of the "Passage of Power", the latest installment of Robert Caro's, "LBJ", in the NY Times that "LBJ did not "get to him" as he did many others of his generation." F..king "A" he didn't. LBJ was after him but failed. He didn't fail with many of Clinton's contemporaries who were drafted and went to their deaths in Vietnam. I like Bill and think he has been a good ex president. He should say "I'm sorry that I dodged the draft. (as well as Dick Chaney who had other priorities) I don't begrudge Clinton. He might have died in that sorry ass war. But, there's something to saying "sorry" and not trying to obfuscate it by bullshitting. He never even said he was sorry to "Monica."