Sunday, May 29, 2011


Memorial Day is about honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I see 5 seconds on the national news of Boy Scouts putting flags on graves at National Cemeteries. There's even a big controversy because some National Cemetery's Director didn't want the chaplain ending his prayer in the traditional Christian way, "In Jesus name".

But, really what does Memorial Day mean to people? How do you honor someone who has given his/her life in your name. IT CAN'T BE DONE. We can put out flags, have ceremonies, build monuments but that won't do it. Most of the "so called" honoring
is idle chatter or simply out of some half-assed sense of duty. And, of course, the sorry politicians want to have their asses in the limelight but they haven't ever given spit to what it might mean to serve or for their children to serve. And, here they are out there pontificating about honoring sacrifice. I will give the president slack because in our system, he is the Commander-in- Chief but not the other MFers.

Here's the way to really honor those who've given the ultimate. Excluding WWll when the "greatest generation" saved the world, we the people need to rise up and say to our elected leaders, no more Vietnams, Afghanistans, Iraqs. And here is a novel idea but more a pipedream: reinstitude the draft or some form of community service. Politicians and even our president know there is no political repercussion if he commits us to war. With only 1% of Americans traveling back and forth to war, no one, other than these young Americans are sacrificing.

And, these sacrificing young soldiers are where they are mainly because life's circumances have given them few options. This is not to take away from their sacrifices--simply with only 1% actually doing the sacrificing, what do we call the others? Draft dodgers. I don't think so. Who can blame a youngster. If there is no draft and he or she has no compelling reason to serve, why do it? Good question. Let some other kid join up who has less or no options. Memorial Day is a good time to ponder such issues.