Saturday, February 18, 2006


I first read this in a newspaper column: teenagers concerned over their rights--roughly meaning that teenagers and parents are locked into a battle over teenager rights. What rights are those? According to the article, the teenagers get to choose whatever those rights might be.

What is this? Well, for one thing a cultural issue where by in large, kids from affluent homes need to "get a life." They are spending way too much time on the internet, text messageing their friends and cogitating their navels. And, parents are allowing it to happen. Who are the parents here?

Kids in control? Give me a break! Of course, when parents cede control to teenagers, they are going to take it. The flip side of the coin is that when kids don't have to face responsibilities, old fashioned things like a job for instance, what can we expect. Or, what about this for a radical emphasis: facing the military draft or even joining the military upon graduation, or at least some sort of Universal Service like the Peace Corps or Americorp. Their angst might just be a good thing, as opposed to how to get over on their parents and where is the next big party! JUST SOME THOUGHTS...