Thursday, June 05, 2008

NO SWEET SORRY (From the concept that parting is such sweet sorry)

My 16 year old recently visited China w/ a group of high school students from her High School. She had a great experience and they were given the dog & pony show by the Chinese. Her school has a sister school in China and we will host some Chinese students this Fall. The kids spent time in central China as well as Beijing. They also went to the Great Wall. I was glad for her to go and glad for her to come home. When we took her to the airport, I could not help but think of the thousands of parents taking their son or daughter to the airport for a "trip" to Iraq or Afghanistan. I had the comfort of knowing that my child (just a couple of years younger than many of our combat troops) was going to be safe and under the watchful eye of others. I knew she would be back in a week. How must parents today feel not knowing if their son/daughter will return or if they do, whether they'll be whole in body and/or mind ? May God Bless them all. BRG, Jr.