Thursday, January 27, 2005

ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) as an option for military service

This is a tricky question. Recently, my nephew sent me an email from a friend giving his son views on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. I thought the views were objective but it did get me to thinking about this question. His comments: "I can think of a few things you ought to consider before taking the dive:- Military isn't for everyone ... you have to be able to accept the authority structure and sometimes rigid way of life (the latter mostly applies to training, not your time on active duty)- We are now an 'Expeditionary Air Force' ... every Airmen is a candidate to deploy in support of operations around the world -- this is both exciting and perhaps a bit frightening and it shouldn't be taken lightly- You'll have additional requirements on top of your academic load- Military training -- Air Force ROTC training is no Paris Island(Marines) but it's not a cakewalk either- Your time & choices aren't completely your own (reference first bullet)- It won't always be fun or easy -- have to want to stick to it"

What I liked about his comments was the positive but realistic view of advice to a High School senior looking for a way to pay for college. And, without commenting in general, what about this for an entry into military service? It is a good one but again has significance since we do not have any sort of manditory military service. Those who mightchoose the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) go with a motive of financing their education. Whereas if we had an AllServe environment, the motive might be more altruistic. Just a thought.

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