Thursday, January 27, 2005


The National Guard is hurting so much in terms of recruiting that they want to increase their token $50 bonus to $15,000--is that a jump or what! To me, this is downright scandalous and something that we have come to accept without blinking an eye: paying young people for serving their country. We are not talking about a fair wage here for services rendered. We are talking enticements to join the military and to fight.

What sort of message does that send! There are many problems with it, not the least that that it is immoral. Paying other people's children to fight our wars is simply not right any way you cut it. It debases patriotism. It is not a matter of begrudging a bonus to those who join up. We could make the argument that we do it in business all the time. But, this is the military where a soldier might ultimately be asked to lay down his life for his country.

Will the military get any takers? Of course. Take a young eighteen year old with little or no prospects and offer him fifteen grand and see what he does. He doesn't think past that new car or buying his sweetheart a ring. He has hit the jackpot, grabbed the brass ring! Give me a break! The last thing on his mind is patriotism and dying for his country. What is equally just as bad is the fact that we think this is perfectly fine.

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