Saturday, December 15, 2007


Getting to know Christ in Vietnam is the greatest thing to ever happen in my life. I volunteered out of pure love for my country. Where else can an orphaned kid and High School drop out, end up working for the richest company in the world, serve with dedicated and decorated fellow paratroopers, have 4 Grand-kids, 2 daughters and one son, survive the Tet Offensive with 2 bullet holes in my steel pot and even have our own Arty dropped on me, fall into an uncapped well at Chu Chi, get shot at nearly every day and still live to tell about it all and then to still be able to thank God and still increasingly love God with all my heart, spirit, soul, feelings, emotions, subconscious, mind, will power, strength and intensity.

Only in America !!! Even with all our hangups, we are a blessed by God nation with limitless opportunity for even the poorest of the poor to succeed--I know as I used to have to sleep on other people's couches and even on the floor at foster homes. GOD BLESS ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA gp

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