Saturday, February 12, 2005


What about Iraq? I'm already seeing the news coverage shift; now not on page one or even two but eight. Not sure what this means. And, I'm not so sure that we have this much support for troops other than mouthing although Congress is doing some good things like raising the death benefits, long overdue. But, not sure that there's not a false support: more of a detachment, not my children. If you think that serving your country is so great, then why would you not want your children to serve.

In a sense, I have been totally off base in my thinking that many would think that a form of the draft would be good. Especially vets. Not so. One of my best buddies, a real hero, was a Marine platoon leader in Nam, wounded badly; but, when I questioned him about draft, thinking he would be all over it as great. He was vehemently against it! Why? Didn't want his two boys to serve? Interesting.

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